Garage & Shed Demolition

garrage and shed demolition

Demolition of garages and sheds in Sydney

Many demolition companies find garage demolition to be a difficult challenge, but we are experienced in handling projects of all sizes in Sydney. Every garage has the same function, which is to store cars, but each garage demolition operation is unique. Every task is treated as unique, and we create a complete demolition plan that takes into account all essential factors, such as the size and location of the garage, the distance between the garage and the residence, and the existence of asbestos.

We provide garage demolition services around Sydney and pride ourselves on the high quality of our work. We make certain that every garage removal job is finished to the customer’s total satisfaction. These constructions are frequently found in congested areas. Massive demolition or excavation equipment cannot fit in small backyards or residential plots. Based on the project’s needs, we develop a customised solution. Our team will do an assessment of the region and nearby structures before deciding how to proceed with the demolition.

Garages and sheds are handy storage facilities, but they take up a lot of valuable outdoor real estate. By appropriately dismantling the garage or shed, we can help you free up space on your property. MEP CIVIL Demolition & Excavation has extensive demolition experience and understands how to demolish a structure without causing damage to the surrounding region. Our experts will come up with project-specific solutions.

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